WWI Austrian Sworl camo

Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Tue, 13 Jun 95 11:20:43 EDT

Sunday afternoon I was at the local hobby shop, (Squadron Shop DC)
and a few new Blue Rider decals were out.
Two sheets of Fokker Dr.Is, some Allied stuff, post-war Halberstadts
and a sheet of Austro-Hungarian Sworl camo and markings for 5
OEF Albatros D.III.
The Sworl looked GREAT! Says enough is there to do 2 aircraft.
This is a 1/72 sheet. I may have some fuzzy details, as this is from
memory - I didn't buy the sheet yet - probably when I go back Friday.
Full review then. But the Sworl look great!
And if you build figures/armor - it makes a good 1/35 carpet!!

Hello to the list - I am a builder (I swear I'm not trying to collect,
I just don't build fast!) of German and test/experimental aircraft in
1/72 scale. I do other scales, and things that catch my eye, but that
is my main areas of interest. IPMS 6852.
Saw the Group on the WWI Models Website.

Brian Nicklas