New Products
Tue, 13 Jun 95 16:10:58 -0400

I wanted to post the new catalog update from Sopwith Hobbies. They carry a great line
of WWI modelling kits and accesories at a slight discount.

This type of activity usually results in much whingeing and whining over perceived
misuse of the Internet. I wanted to check with other list members to see how they
would feel about it.

I am only a satisfied customer of SH and my intent is to share information on the hobby.
Which is the purpose of this newsgroup!

Anyway, let's here your thoughts. Perhaps other people could take care of posting WWI
related updates from other mail-order firms like Rosemont Hobies.

By the way. I got my Czechmaster HB W 12 and Sierra Scale Gotha WD 7 kits yesterday.
These are very nicely done. I'll post more after I have had a chance to rumple and
fetish the plastic and resin a bit longer.