Re: For trade...

Douglas R. Jones (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 15:29:45 -0500

>I have for trade the following:
> Since, by profession, I am a computer programmer, I have made a
>database "system" for the sole purpose of recording WW1 materials,
>primarily periodicals. Although not perfect, it does its job. It is
>currently in dBase format, so those wishing it will need a copy of
>dBase (any version past 3). It is in 6 parts: the main, database;
>and 5 .PRG programs to "run" the database. The database is
>approximately 317K, and the programs are app. 19K.

I have nothing really to trade but would like to see this project continue.
Perhaps Allan would like to do a front end for this and add it to the WWI
WEB page. In exchange list members could submit the appropriate info for the
publications so it can be added!

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