Re: New Products

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 15:33:09 +0000

Jesse wrote:

> I wanted to post the new catalog update from Sopwith Hobbies. They carry a great line
> of WWI modelling kits and accesories at a slight discount.
> This type of activity usually results in much whingeing and whining over perceived
> misuse of the Internet. I wanted to check with other list members to see how they
> would feel about it.
> I am only a satisfied customer of SH and my intent is to share information on the hobby.
> Which is the purpose of this newsgroup!
> Anyway, let's here your thoughts. Perhaps other people could take care of posting WWI
> related updates from other mail-order firms like Rosemont Hobies.
> By the way. I got my Czechmaster HB W 12 and Sierra Scale Gotha WD 7 kits yesterday.
> These are very nicely done. I'll post more after I have had a chance to rumple and
> fetish the plastic and resin a bit longer.

I wouldn't mind an update, even though I haven't sent my check out
yet for Sopwith's catalog. I'll try and post updates from Rosemont
as I can. Would you want prices, or should this part be private
email? If someone's interested, then privately email the listed
price. That might get around the internet "police".

Jesse, where did you get your Czechmaster kit, and for how much?
I've been looking for a Czechmaster Pfalz Dr.I for a while, and
haven't found one yet. Thanks.

The latest flyer I have from Rosemont has all the Atlee
conversions/parts. Just wish they would get more into 1/72nd.
Rosemont also lists the Sierra Scale Short 184 and Gotha WD-7; the
Aeromaster 1/48th SPAD and Dr.I sheets; all SuperScale WW1 sheets;
the Glencoe book re-release with new decals; Flying Machines Press
"High in the Empty Blue" and "Aviation Awards of Imperial Germany,
Vol. IV"; and the latest from Windsock.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska