Re: New Products

Lionel Kearns (
Tue, 13 Jun 1995 20:09:19 -0700

>I wanted to post the new catalog update from Sopwith Hobbies. They carry a
>great line
>of WWI modelling kits and accesories at a slight discount.
>This type of activity usually results in much whingeing and whining over
>misuse of the Internet. I wanted to check with other list members to see
>how they
>would feel about it.

Let's have it. There are plenty of catalogues of various sorts freely
published on the internet already, i.e. on the WEB and in newsgroups such
as rec.arts.books.marketplace, so why not here? In fact, it would be very
convenient for folks like us to have electronic access to all the hobby
shops and facilities that specialize in WWI materials.