WWI Models

John Huggins (huggins@Onramp.NET)
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 01:17:25 -0500

Hobby Craft Canada has just released 2 WWI kits. They are;
In 1/28 scale
DrI with markings for a Red A/C with the options for Dr1477/17 and
Dr1425/17 from JG1 and listed as von Richtoven's plane. The other set of
markings are for A Red & White A/C from Jasta 18. This is the one with a
white bird on the red portion of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The
instructions do not list a pilot, and the birds are not that crisp.
The top wing has the alerorons of equil length. There is some interior
detailing and holes for the control wires to exit the wings and fuselage to
attach to the control horns. All in all, it does not look too bad except
fpr the Spandau's. There are large ejector pin marks on the sides of the
cooling jackets.
In 1/32 scale
Neiuport 17 with markings for No 19 Sqn, Imperial Russian Air Service 1917,
and for Estonian Air Service 1925.
Again, some detailing on the cockpit area, ejector pin marks on the
guns,and holes for control lines to exit the wings & fuselage.

I forgot to jot down the prices, will do so the night of the 14th. They
should be avaliable from your favorite shop, or can be ordered from
Squadron Mail Order at 214-242-8663.

John 8={}