Re: WWI Models

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 14 Jun 1995 07:45:57 +0000

John wrote:
> Hobby Craft Canada has just released 2 WWI kits. They are;
> In 1/28 scale
> DrI with markings for a Red A/C with the options for Dr1477/17 and
> Dr1425/17 from JG1 and listed as von Richtoven's plane. The other set of
> markings are for A Red & White A/C from Jasta 18. This is the one with a
> white bird on the red portion of the fuselage behind the cockpit. The

This would be Raben's personal Dr.I.

> instructions do not list a pilot, and the birds are not that crisp.
> The top wing has the alerorons of equil length. There is some interior
> detailing and holes for the control wires to exit the wings and fuselage to
> attach to the control horns. All in all, it does not look too bad except
> fpr the Spandau's. There are large ejector pin marks on the sides of the
> cooling jackets.
> In 1/32 scale
> Neiuport 17 with markings for No 19 Sqn, Imperial Russian Air Service 1917,
> and for Estonian Air Service 1925.
> Again, some detailing on the cockpit area, ejector pin marks on the
> guns,and holes for control lines to exit the wings & fuselage.
> I forgot to jot down the prices, will do so the night of the 14th. They
> should be avaliable from your favorite shop, or can be ordered from
> Squadron Mail Order at 214-242-8663.

Just for the record, these are re-releases. Hobbycraft has these
two, plus a Camel in 1/32nd. When the Nieuport was first released,
they released it in two variations: the first was "French"
(Nungessor's markings); and the second was "British" (I believe
Ball's markings). Both came with an alternate markings option of a
captured German machine (which Blue Rider now has markings for in
1/72nd). The odd thing about the British release was that the
particular Nie17 they chose had a Cone of Penetration (sort of like a
spinner) but didn't include one with the kit. Lo and behold,
Rosemont came to the rescue (although I'm not sure if they still
produce it in 1/32nd). Another option for the Nie17 was a Tom's
Modelworks conversion to convert the 17 into (I think) a 24.

A few words of warnings of the Nie17: you will have to "scratch",
or "bash" the exhaust channel under the cowling/front part of the
fuselage. I've also heard people have problems with the underside
fuselage seem. One individual couldn't eliminate his at all.

Maybe since they're re-releasing these, someone will produce
after-market details/conversions for them. Although I'm primarily
into 1/72nd, I wouldn't mind building the Nie17.

Other things I would like to see. I've emailed Blue Rider with this
already, but I would love to see all known French squadron markings
(Stork, Ducks, etc.). Glencoe released a sheet with the re-release
of the book, but is only going to produce it in 1/48th. I would love
to see a sheet in 1/72nd. I would also like to see a sheet of all
known German crosses sizes (standard). I realize there were always
exceptions, but at least to have all the standard sizes would be a

Ah, sorry to ramble. In case you couldn't tell, my favorite
aircraft was any Nieuport. Although not a technical marvel, was
definitely a "good looking" airplane.

Matt Bittner
Omaha, Nebraska