Re: WWI Database

Larry Marshall (
Thu, 15 Jun 95 08:48:32 EDT

> If someone is able to find a conversion program to convert from a
> dBase database to a "whatever-you-have-on-Unix" database, I would be
> willing to let you have the database. My only problem with this
> scheme is that I currently do not have access to the web.

My impression from your original post was that you had built an
interface into a .dbf file using dBase's macro language. If it's
a simple matter of converting .dbf files to some other format,
I can do this without problem and could deal with the .dbfs sent
via uuencoded files. But unless Allan has need for database stuff
on his machine, it's likely that he doesn't have any database software
on his UNIX box. Without indexed searches, I should think that having the
data available via a WEB server would be of little value.

Cheers --- Larry