QUERY: von Raben's Dr.1 (plus)

Joseph R. Boeke (jrboeke@max.tiac.net)
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 09:20:56 -0401 (EDT)

Can anyone give me a little more detail on Lt. von Rabin's Dr.1? I
understand that the fuselage and wings were painted blue, with a white
raven on the fuselage. The tail section was white with "crosses" on the
vertical stabilizer/rudder and fuselage.

My questions are

1. What shade of blue was the fuselage?
2. What kind of crosses were used?
3. Was the underside of the fuselage painted blue/white or "sky blue"?

Any other info on this particular Dr.1 would be appreciated.

One other question, I saw the DML 1/48 Dr.1 (with Kempf's markings) at
the local shop. I am curious about two things about this plane as well...

1. What color was the underside of this bird?
2. How can I best achieve the "streaky" green doping of this machine
(in 1/72 please)?