Jasta 2 (was: QUERY: von Raben's Dr.1)

Joseph R. Boeke (jrboeke@laraby.tiac.net)
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 13:25:41 -0400 (EDT)

Okay, putting aside the von Raben "color controversy" for a minute, are
there any sources for color information on Jasta 2 Dr.1s (besides Kempf's
machine). I just purchased a WWI miniatures game called _Hostile
Aircraft_. It comes with a lead 1/285 Camel & Dr.1

However, they sell more aircraft in packs of four, so I thought I'd
paint-up a quartet (or a quintet if I can get enough info) of Jasta Boelcke
Dr.1s for use with the game (getting those brush marks in 1/285 is gonna
be a pain in the @ss :).

The other planes that they have are Spad XIII, Albatross D.V, Fokker
D.VII, Nieuport 11, Fokker E.III, Albatros D.II & Airco D.H. 2. With a
promise of more to come.

I'll do a review of the game once I have played it.