Squadron books

C.P. Hart (hartc@spot.colorado.edu)
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 12:59:12 +0000

>From Joseph R Boeke:
>Well, I'll have to go see if I can find the Squadron Signal book (do they
>do any other WWI titles -- I thought they only did WWII to moderns...).

Working from memory on Squadron WW I Titles:
SPAD Fighters
Sopwith Fighters
Albatros Fighters (first WW I title from about 1981,
probably OOP)
Bristol Fighter
Be 2c in action

>The one picture I have of Raben's (sorry about the typo before) is
>probably from the Nowarra collection (unfortunately, it is packed up on a
>moving van somewhere between Los Angeles and Pittsburgh :(
>I remember that the fuselage tone was very dark, so that would be consistent
>with red (although navy blue can be pretty dark too). The photo was
>after von Raben had been shot down, and I don't recall if you could see
>any of the undersurfaces.

The funny thing about a majority of photos from WWI, blue is usually
the LIGHTEST color in the picture,a somewhat similar case for green.
Pigments with any red in them come out much darker with red looking almost
black in many pictures, particularly when they are reproduced in books.
This is not universal (different types of films were in use then) and
caution in interpreting colors from B&W photos. I am very, very, very wary
of those who interpret Methuen colors from a B&W print.

>Since von Raben was captured (I assume that he lived after the war), did
>he write a memior? Is there any literature in C&C or WWI Aero, etc... on
>the "color" controversy?

Only one reference to Raben springs to mind, a pair of books produced
by E. Ferko of Salem, Ohio titled "Fliegertruppe 1914-18" numbers 1 and 2.
This was in the early 1980's, I don't know if he has any left. One of
those had a lot of material on Raben.

Any other citations would be appreciated.

Charles Hart