Re: What is 'Methuen'??

C.P. Hart (
Thu, 15 Jun 1995 16:18:53 +0000

> Pardon me for what is probably a neophytish question, but
>I keep reading mentions of 'Methuen' in reference to colors. What
>exactly does Methuen refer to?
> Jess Stuart

The Methuen Handbook of Colour is a reference book with hundreds of
color chips arranged in pages in a grid format. This is a means of having
a notation, such as 24 D 3, to refer to a specific shade of blue, or any
other color. It has its limitations, but is a reasonably inexpensive and
portable color reference.

These books are in high demand and it has been republished a number of
times since the early 1960's. I found a copy of the book in 1989. If you
are looking for a copy you might try writing:

Methuen London
Michelin House
81 Fulham Road
London SW3 6RB

I would be interested in learning if this book is in print again
should you hear from them.

Charles Hart