D.H.5 Datafile and kits

16 Jun 95 10:50:00 EDT

Hi folks,

I was looking through the new Datafile #50 D.H.5 last night and
remembering the Libramodels 1:72 kit which was my introduction to WW1
vacforms about 10 years back.

The kit was so good, and so easy, the result so appealing that I figured all
those guys telling me how hard vacforms are were talking sh!t.

Now older and wiser, I realise that my now battered prize (the only damaged
model I still display, for lack of space and) was an exceptional kit. Some
questions for the various members of this group oracle:

1. Libra are long since defunct. I think some of their kits were later
issued by Akita, and the masters may still be in someones shop. Anyone know
if the DH.5 was ever issued again?

2. I've never seen a 1:48 kit and the Datafile agrees (I think, it's at
home) that there's never been one. Anyone got any information on any
upcoming kit in any media? I'm really hyped up about building a nice 3 Sqn
AFC aircraft in 1:48 but I haven't got time to run 2 scratchbuilding
projects at once. :-(
(Ray Rimmel insists on 3 Squadrons' RFC squadron designation, so you won't
see it referred to by its real name in the datafile. Damned Pommy!)

3. Question 2 made me think of a statement I read somewhere that Australia
was the only Dominion nation which formed its own air arm in WW1, with
Canada, NZ and others providing pilots to the RFC and RNAS only. I know
Australia did this _as well_ since the two highest scoring Aussies, Little
and Dallas, both served in the RNAS. Are there any history experts, espec.
Canucks and Kiwis who can confirm the above statement? I know for example
that Bishop flew with 60 Sqn RFC, but were there ever any Canadian

BTW, if you don't have the D.H.5 datafile do yourself a favour. A very nice
volume, well worth the folding money.