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Fri, 16 Jun 1995 08:45:54 -0400 (EDT)

> Looking forward to your review of this game - I've never heard of it. It reminds me
> of many hours spent years ago playing Richthofens War (I think!) is this game
> still available?
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> Okay, putting aside the von Raben "color controversy" for a minute, are
> there any sources for color information on Jasta 2 Dr.1s (besides Kempf's
> machine). I just purchased a WWI miniatures game called _Hostile
> Aircraft_. It comes with a lead 1/285 Camel & Dr.1

I've met the guy who wrote _Hostile_Aircraft_ and played one of the first
demo games last year. It's pretty number intensive but fun. I'd compare it
to Air Force for WWII.

I have 2 packs of his miniatures (4 Spad XIII, 4 Dr-I) I bought to make
Tie-tacks or pins for awards at my 1/72 scale games but I'm not going to
paint them up - I'm sticking to giving away Minicraft 1/72 scale Camels
and Spad X-IIIs instead. I payed US$8.00 each for them but would be willing
to sell them for $10.00 (for both) if you guys get into the game let me know.


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