Re: Staaken references

Mark K. Nelson (
Wed, 31 May 1995 21:34:24 -0700

> The most recent drawings of a Staaken I recall appeared in Scale
>Models when Ray Rimmel built up the Contrail kit. I seem to remember the
>drawings being 1/144 to fit on the page. The book "The German Giants" by
>Grosz and Haddow is probably the best available source for photos of these
>machines. I'm interested to learn if anyone else has found other
>references for these a/c.
>Charles Hart

Windsock Vol 9/5 & 9/6 contain what appears to be a or re-write of the
above article (modelling R27). It/They contains a photos (Interior &
Exterior) as well as a couple of 1918 drawings (no scale 3-view drawings of
the Staaken though) & a list of references:
"The German Giants" G Haddow & P M Grosz, Putnam 1962/88
"German Aircraft of the First World War" Gray & Thetford, Putnam 1962/87
"War Birds: Military Aircraft of the First World War in Color" Macdonald
and Janes 1973