Re: Review: Windsock Datafile

Mark K. Nelson (
Wed, 31 May 1995 21:44:14 -0700

> However, [:^)] time permitting, could you share some (or any) of the G.IV
>color schemes NOT incorporating hex- or lozenge patterns? Just a brief
>description would be great.
> Thanks, Erik

To Paraphrase from AEG G.IV datafile (# 51):
Aircraft G.153-G192/16 were finished in a sprayed mottle pattern. Americal
states that it was an overall pale blue with irregular patches of darker
blue. At the bottom of the page thourgh, RR states that study of available
photos (primarily the ones on page 5 - 155/16) reveal THREE colors, not
two. Two fairly dark up top and a much lighter shade underneath with a
sharp division between the upper and lower colors. Speculates red/brown and

On page 7 there are good photos of two other aircraft which do appear to be
just the two colors as in the Americal Scheme.

Of course, this is why we LOVE building WW1!