Re: Query: Three 1:72 Questions
01 Jun 95 14:35:00 EDT

Hi folks,

Mark said:
<<The Esoteric kits (including the Curtis N9H) are "Vacform Kits with white
metal parts and decals." As I mentioned in my prior post, I haven't seen
any of their aircraft kits, but if their Felixstowe beaching gear is
anything to go by, they should be pretty decent.

Re Esoteric:

I have a closet full of their kits, since apart from a understandable love
of WW1 aircraft I have this little perversion about enjoying interwar
biplanes with yellow or silver wings, and IMHO Esoteric make the best.

(Mostly) Good sturdy vacform sheets with fine detail, nice metal engines,
wheels, guns as appropriate and absolutely perfect decal sheets. One or two
are resins, not the Jenny though. The guy who started the company was a
commercial pilot with a love of the interwar period. He died a year or so
back but they intend to carry on. I see from their latest releases that they
might now slip outside their usual range of subjects. BTW the Jenny is a
very nice kit.

I recommend them.