New WWI Kits
Fri, 02 Jun 95 15:36:35 -0400

I was talking to Juan (last name eludes me) of Sopwith
Hobbies last night. He mentioned he has some new stuff

Czechmaster 1/72

Hansa Brandenburg WD 12 III
Hansa Brandenburg WD 12 V
Junkers J1/J4
Bregeut 14

Sierra Scale

Gotha WD 14 (1/72)
Gotha G VII (I think 1/72)
Short Seaplane (1/72)
Roland D-ii (1/48)

Aeroclub 1/48

Fe 2b Gunbus

Tom's 1/48

Pfalz D IIIa
Albatros D Va

Atlee accessories

And a bunch o' other stuff I can't recall.

I ordered the Gotha WD 14 and the HB W 12 V. I'll let y'all
know how they look when they arrive. I know, I know, these
are 1/72nd scale kits - what am I doing??????