Meikraft Kits

William K. McHarg (
Fri, 2 Jun 1995 16:01:00 -0700

Hi Allan,

The following kits are coming from Meikraft this summer.

All are 1/72

Fokker D1
Gotha G IV
Phoenix DI, DII
Phoenix CI
Oeffag H Float Plane
Lloyd C-5
Albatross D-III and all the oeffag variants

He wants interest cards returned to him by June 30, 1995 for special prices
when these are released.

I take this to mean that for each one you want, you need to send him a
stamped, self-addressed postcard so he can keep them in a file and send it
to you when that plane becomes available.

In case you don't have it:

Meikraft Models
4343 West, N.W. Hwy
Suite 1001
Dallas, Texas 75220
Bill McHarg

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