Observations on the State of the hobby

03 Jun 95 15:26:00 EDT

I have just spent 14 hours over Friday night and Saturday judging at our
biggest local model competition. (Queensland Master Modellers Competition)

Some observations. From all the models in the aircraft classes (lots, oh my
aching head) , plus figure and armour classes combined there were exactly
TWO models of WW1 subjects in the competition.

I find this astounding since the shops here turn over DML and Eduard kits as
fast as they can get them. Are WW1 modellers shy? Does anyone ever build
them, or do they opt out after looking at the etched brass and rigging?

Don't all flame me, I couldn't enter because of my judging commitment.

One bright spot is that the Overall Champions trophy, (plus a class trophy)
went to a 1/28 scratchbuilt Fokker D.VIII which kicked my butt at my club
last year. Another highlight is that a 54mm Australian Light Horseman
(also entirely scratchbuilt) won the special trophy for Australian subjects.
One could say that, per head, the WW1 subjects were most successfull.

Another observation.. There are 8 clubs within 30 miles of the venue, all
had stands at the show. However, apart from a pair of mine there was just
one other WW1 aircraft on a display stand, plus two WW1 tanks. Right next to
the club stands the local suppliers were selling more Fokkers than the hot
dog stands sold buns. Why?

Final note. For some reason Modelling hobbies are classed as dangerous. Our
show runs in conjunction with the Queensland Leisure and Hobby Show. We
share a large display hall with the Herpetological Society and the Medieval
Society. On one side deadly snakes, on the other nutters waving blunted
swords at each other. As a typical Aussie from the bush most snakes don't
worry me too much - unless I have to get close to one. :-0 The people with
the swords are worse, an accident with a broken sword flying into the crowd
left 2 innocent spectators badly injured. :-( Thank God no models were
broken ;-)

I sign off with a rhetorical question. Are WW1 modellers who actually build
the things a rarity?

<<Yes, I built one once.>>