Re: New WWI Kits

Lionel Kearns (
Sun, 4 Jun 1995 01:16:05 -0700

>I was talking to Juan (last name eludes me) of Sopwith
>Hobbies last night. He mentioned he has some new stuff
>Czechmaster 1/72
> Hansa Brandenburg WD 12 III
> Hansa Brandenburg WD 12 V
> Junkers J1/J4
> Bregeut 14
>Sierra Scale
> Gotha WD 14 (1/72)
> Gotha G VII (I think 1/72)
> Short Seaplane (1/72)



Do you have a telephone number for Sopwith Hobbies. Alllan has the address
up on the Web pages, but not the telephone number, and it does not seem to
be listed in the Miami directory, at least I can't seem to get it.

I am interested in that Short Seaplane that you mention. I am still trying
to put together a collection of all the planes that my father flew, and
that is one that I still do not have.

My father seems to have flown the Short only once. According to his log
book, it was on the 21 of June, 1919, in Northern Russia, from his base at
Bereznik to an island off Vinova (not sure if that last word is spelled
correctly) on a mission, with Lieutenant Le Mayne, to bring back Capt.
Bryson's machine that had made a forced landing. This seems to be the only
time he flew a seaplane of any kind. I am not sure whether Bryson's machine
was the Short, which my father flew back, or if my father had to fly the
Short there and land on the water (probably the Dvina River). My father had
landed at least once before IN the water, but that was with a land plane
(DH9A) in the English Channel. With the Short he seems to have landed ON
the water.

Anyway, I would like to get in touch with Sopwith Hobbies and see if they
still have the kit.