Re: Observations on the State of the hobby

C.P. Hart (
Sun, 4 Jun 1995 13:36:41 +0000

This is a most timely set of observations from Shane. Yesterday (Saturday)
I attended the 1995 Colorado Classic model contest, held in Denver. There
were easily 2 dozen WW I models in their contest category and competition
was stiff to say the least. This was an opportunity to see some excellent
build ups of the recent Eduard and DML kits plus a number in 1/72.

There was also an impressive 1/72 WWI related diorama entered. The
diorama showed an English carnival around several captured German aircraft
(about 10) with the center piece being a Zepplin Staaken completely covered
with Americal/Gryphon camouflage decals (6 sheets). The carnival included
a merry-go-round, small ferris wheel and large carnival tent. There are
over 700 painted figures on it, including a +50 piece marching band. An
impressive piece of work. I know the builder so hopefully some pictures
may be forthcoming on the Web page, stay tuned.

This is all to say that the amount of WW I modelling that gets done
may depend on what part of the world you are in. There is a large and very
active IPMS group in this part of Colorado with diverse interests that
happens to include several with interests in WW I.

In this case the modeling contest was held in a suburban shopping
mall. Lots of people present to admire the models. The biggest danger in
this case was potentially from inadaquately supervised small children
wanting too close a look at the models.

I don't believe that WW I modellers are a rarity. We are experiencing
a "golden age" of WW I modelling. Can it get any better than this ??? I
think that what we are seeing is the possibility of diversifying other
modeler's tastes from fast jets and powerful piston engined fighters to the
ancestors of same machines. I think that this is the best result of this
"golden age".

Charles Hart