Re: WW I vs. Other Models

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 05 Jun 1995 13:04:17 -0500

These same issues are not limited to just static models. In fact in many
ways it is even worse in the R/C flying model arena. Near as I can tell we
have a choice of a Proctor kit or a Glen Torrence Dr1 on the high end or a
Flair kit on the low end. The high end you need to bring a very healthy MC
along. While *BEAUTIFUL* kits (museum quality in many cases) the selection
is VERY limited. Flair makes some nice sport scale models but again the
selection is limited. So scratch building is probably the only real option
open to us. I think this discussion has touched upon one of the major reason
why more kits are not available. Rigging. While the Flair models do not
require it, one feels a bit compelled to put it on! Daunting. I think this
is a major reason why so many more WWII and civilian kits are available. In
many ways easy to build and the level of detail needed can be accomplished
with a good set of graphics or good painting.

A buddy of mine insists that WWI modeling (at least as it pertains to R/C)
runs in about a 7 year cycle. They get popular and then interest wans and
picks up again.

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