Re: Owl's Head features?

Allan Wright (
Fri, 26 May 1995 08:33:52 -0400 (EDT)

> I tuned in a bit late to hear what the is going to be going on at Owl's Head.
> What planes (WWI, of course) do they have? What do they fly? Is there a
> schedule of events? From what little I've caught, this sounds like an event
> to plan for.


Here is a repost of Jon Rettinger's original article:

-Allan Wright


Just thought someone may like to know about a WWI airshow coming up.

The Owl's Head Transportation Museum, in Owl's Head, Maine are holding
their military airshow this year on July 1-2. Gates open at 10.00am EDT.

The museum has several WWI replicas in flying condition, and invariably
fly some of them each weekend throughout the summer. A list of flyable craft:

FB-8 Gun Bus
Curtiss Jenny
Depperdussin (Haven't seen this one fly yet.)
Neiuport 18 (I think)
Etrich Taube (Design by Rumpler)

The museum also contains some static replicas inside such as the Ford
and Curtiss Pusher.

In addition, they have a number of antique automobilia, some are driven
around the area, others are static.

This isn't a big show by any means, but I do like the "Down East"

If anybody wants additional info, I can get in touch with the museum.