Re: Eduard Hannover Cl.III ; Pegasus kit
27 May 95 06:56:00 EDT

Hi all,

I said:
>> On the subject of 1:72, has anyone built the Pegasus Pfalz D.III ? At

>> A$35 it probably costs more than the new Eduard one will in 1:48 (here
>> least). It looks good ITB, but $$$.

Then Al said:
>I have one yet to build - typical Pegasus quality. A$35 !?! WOW...I paid
>US$10 on close-out here from Squadron mail-order. I should grab extras
>when Squadron closes out this stuff and go into the export business! :-)

and Vince said,

>I purchased my LVG through Snowy Mountains Models PH: 060 76 1809
>for $28.00. I actually purchase most Pegasus kits from Squadron Mail Order
>theUS (excellent but slow). They quite often have the kits on sale for
>US$9.99 or US$14.99. The details for Squadron can be found in each issue of

>Fine Scale Modeler. I use my credit card (Amex) for overseas orders and
have had no

I actually have a sub for the Squadron catalogue and update fliers - but
they often get here too late for me to catch the best bargains. (2nd class
mail - I think the postie swims)

I always order from Squadron by fax on Amex, yet often I still miss out. I
still remember the sinking feeling I got when I opened one order to see that
I'd missed out on the Pegasus 1 1/2 strutter.

Vince, I use Steve at SMM a lot. He kindly calls me any time he has
something I've asked him to watch out for. Since I'd bet he has the biggest
range in Oz by far of brass/decals/vacforms/resin/etc I don't know how I'd
survive without him. Some prices are a bit steep though.

Since Al and others reckons its nice, I'll track down an LVG sometime soon -
after the holiday expenses are paid :-(