Pegasus kit, et al

Erik Pilawskii (
Fri, 26 May 1995 19:30:11 -0700 (PDT)

> Nice to see you active.

Why, thank you very much. Kind of you to say so.

> I have an idea (maybe wrong) that you have been a
> tad quieter than usual - perhaps since Mick isn't around to stir you up?

He he... probably true. I surely do miss that cheeky devil!
> You make recommendation number 3. Now I really need one. Of course "need"
My Dear Fellow, "need" (immediate, and indefatigable) is the very
basis of modeling! Checkbook be damned!! (my certainly was...)-- indeed
you do need a Pfalz!

On a different matter, I was just examining a side-view color plate of
a Hanroit HD-1 in Belgian markings. The color scheme appears to be
Lavender/Black/Med.Brown/Lt.Green/Olive Green. I am particularly
intrigued by the lavender. Is this scheme correct? Or an error in
litho/printing? The date given was 18 May/18, 1eme Esqdr.

On another matter: I just received (and examined) my first Czechmasters
Epoxy Resin kit. Actually, it's rather ex-period (P-51A/A-36), but this
outfit offers numerous WWI machines, in both 1/48 (clumsy oaf) and 1/72
(Master's) scales. [n.b. Steve, Al, etc: there are far more offerings in
72nd than 48th!] In short, I cannot say enough about the kit, and I have
been assured that *all* of their work is up to this standard. Molding is
quite crisp with no visible flash, scribed panel lines are wonderful,
profile spot on. Much cockpit and other detailing are included, as well,
cast in the same resin (as opposed to brass), but superbly executed on a
thin sheet (somewhat like vacuform, but ever so easy to remove). No
decals are provided, and the price is a bit nasty ($20-30), but these are
the only two negatives in a very impressive plus. I believe Aviation USK
is the primary outlet for these kits (the address to which I posted
earlier), but if anyone's interested I'd be willing to list the WWI kits
available from CM. Most Highly Recommended. I have an Etrich Taube on
order (1/72), just to give a hint of their breadth of coverage....

Erik :^)
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