RE: Pegasus kit, et al
27 May 95 23:44:00 EDT

Hi Erik,

> My Dear Fellow, "need" (immediate, and indefatigable) is the very
>basis of modeling! Checkbook be damned!! (my certainly was...)-- indeed
>you do need a Pfalz!

... and an LVG, and a Morane, and a ...

I know what you mean. But so does my wife.

On a different matter, I was just examining a side-view color plate of
a Hanroit HD-1 in Belgian markings. The color scheme appears to be
Lavender/Black/Med.Brown/Lt.Green/Olive Green. I am particularly
intrigued by the lavender. Is this scheme correct? Or an error in
litho/printing? The date given was 18 May/18, 1eme Esqdr.

Pass. Sounds a bit suspicious though. Can you tell us where it appears?

On another matter: I just received (and examined) my first Czechmasters
Epoxy Resin kit. Actually, it's rather ex-period (P-51A/A-36), but this
outfit offers numerous WWI machines, in both 1/48 (clumsy oaf) and 1/72
(Master's) scales.

Thats 1:48 (quarter scale) and 1:72 (cockroach scale) I believe.

In short, I cannot say enough about the kit, and I have
been assured that *all* of their work is up to this standard.
No decals are provided, and the price is a bit nasty ($20-30), but these
the only two negatives in a very impressive plus. I believe Aviation USK
is the primary outlet for these kits (the address to which I posted
earlier), but if anyone's interested I'd be willing to list the WWI kits
available from CM. Most Highly Recommended. I have an Etrich Taube on
order (1/72), just to give a hint of their breadth of coverage....

Enormous range, fantastic quality. Supply in Oz is bloody erratic, but the
price is consistently high - that is I entirely agree with your opinion.