Czech Resins

C.P. Hart (
Sat, 27 May 1995 12:20:25 +0000

Erik and all,

You raise an interesting topic with Czech resins. I saw my first one
about 1980, a Hansa Brandenburg W-29. Several short run injection kits
have their origins from Czech made resin originals including the Pegasus
Siemens Schukert D-III and Bristol M.1c. Others served as masters for
various vac-form kits including the quadraplane (mfg.?) from Wings72 a few
years back. I have a few myself. The ones directly from Czechoslovakia
(formerly) had a metalic color to the resin, as if metalic powder was
suspended in the resin. and the finish to major parts was nicely smooth, as
if someone had cleaned them up a bit. I also have seen knock offs of Czech
originals sold by various vendors in the US. The quality of parts is not
as good, there may be bubbles in the resin and the colors are variable.
Most of the Czech originals I have seen tend to have green or olive colored
resin, a few in a silvery color material.

Certainly a variety of aircraft have been rendered this way including
many WW I types. It would be interesting to have members of this group put
together a listing of a/c rendered in resin with any relevant comments
regarding date purchased and source. The unfortunate thing about these
small resin makers is that their output is so limited. For example the
kits from Veterans 72 in France. They produce a variety of obscure French
types that no one else is likely to kit and do a nice job. I have never
seen one of their kits for sale in the US. I have their Breguet 5, which I
obtained via a French connection. It is a very nice kit with some metal
parts (bombs etc.) to supplement the resin.

Charles Hart