Introduction & InBox Kit Review

Vincent Price (
Sun, 28 May 95 13:24:19 PDT

I have sent a couple of messages to this group without even a brief intro - very rude of me!
Anyway my name is Vincent Price - This is a REAL name. I was cursed from birth - so please
be kind about it. I live in Melbourne, Australia - a distant colonial outpost to most of you.

My recent modelling history includes the recent completion of the Dragon Fokker DVII, current
project is the Eduard Fokker EIII, and the next project is the Pegasus Sopwith 1= Strutter.

I have just purchased the Aeroclub FE.2b in 1/48 - and it's brilliant - albeit very expensive in
Australia (AUS$56.00). Mind you I didn't flinch when I opened the box.

All major parts (wings & cockpit etc) are excellently molded in plastic. Engine, major struts,
guns and other smaller bits are supplied in white metal. The detail on these is very good - there
is a bit of flash but so what! The tail booms are built using supplied wire an strut material.
Aeroclub have thoughtfully sipplied a vacform template for the booms. The decals are nice and
thin with markings for "The Scotch Express" and "Zanzibar No1". The instructions are what you
expect - good written building description with an accompanying plan (very good). I went to
buy the Windsock Datafile on this plane but it seems to be out of print (Is there any generous
souls out there?).

Vincent Price