Re: Query: Three 1:72 Questions

C.P. Hart (
Mon, 29 May 1995 15:27:08 +0000

Some partial answers.

>First, doe anyone know of a 1:72 Jenny? I want to try and build the
>Curtis float plane, that was featured (in 1:48) in an FSM from last year
>(or so). As I remember, three 1:48 Jennys were cut up to make one float
>plane (so resin might get a bit expensive, but maybe not).

Pegasus made a 1:72 Jenny a couple of years back. These are available
directly from Pegasus for probably less than you will find them in the U.S.
I bought one only a couple of months ago. Price is around 6.00 pounds=
US$10.00 approximately. The kits are sent from England via small packet
air mail and he doesn't charge extra for postage. You can pay him with a
credit card.
>Second, I just purchased the Eduard 1:72 Baby (I got it for $8 -- I
>hadn't seen it for less than $18 before :). Anyone build this yet? Any
>traps or pitfalls?

Squadron Mail order had these on sale for $5.99 each in this month's
sale flyer.

>Finally, I was looking at Steve's German floatplanes on the archive (wow,
>nice!). I know that there is a 1:72 vac W.12 (by Tom's?), but is there a
>W.29 model? Or was this a kitbash/scratch built affair? I seem to
>vaguely recal a Revell Hansa-Brandenburg kit, was it a float plane?

Revell never made a Hansa-Brandenburg kit of any kind and never made a
kit of any WW I float plane.

Merlin Models produced a kit of the Albatros W.4 years ago, good luck
finding that one.
VeeDay Models (Merlin's earlier incarnation) produced a
Hansa-Brandenburg W.29 even earlier. A kit of the H-B W.29 was also made
by Meikraft Models, this too is long out of print.

Czech resin kits have been produced of the H-B W.29 and both versions
(short and long fuselages) of the H-B W.12. These have probably been the
basis for some subsequent vac forms, but I am a little shaky on the
details. The original resins were a thing of beauty. Wish I had a couple.

Charles Hart