Re[2]: Does one scale suit all?
Tue, 30 May 95 13:38:47 PST

I used to live and die with 1/72. I would see something in
1/48 and drool, but because it wouldn't look right with my
other aircraft, decided that I couldn't buy it. Then one day
there was this guy in sunglasses and a leather coat.... he
said, "hey kid.....try 1/48...... it won't hurt you"

Well, the long and the short of it is that I now look at the
1/48 stuff first, but I don't mind 1/72 either. I haven't
tried 1/32 for a loooooong time. That's really the hard
stuff. What is more important than relative scale (comparing
model to model) would be absolute scale (is the damn thing
the right size and shape). Selection is really important

It also depends on the type of airplane that you're
building; I am not one who is interested in masochistic 1/48
scale strategic bombers. On the same token, a 1/72 scale
Fokker Eindecker would be a little to small for my taste.

Hey, I saw a diorama last week of a (dare I say on this
list?) flight deck/elevator of an aircraft carrier. The
aircraft in the foreground were 1/48, the aircraft in the
background (in the bowels of the ship ---does THAT ever
conjure up an image!!) were 1/72. I didn't even notice the
difference in scale at first. The builder called it "forced
perspective" and it really worked.

See you all later.

Stephen Tontoni