RE: WWI aircraft (Glencoe)
31 May 95 08:14:00 EDT

Hi folks,

Stephen said:
When push comes to shove, I'd rather be sanding and filling
than scratch building.

So hats off to MPM, Glencoe, Revell/Germany, Smer, and
Eduard. (pardon to any missed)

There I said it and I won't take it back.

I couldn't agree more with the sentiments regarding how badly we need all
the kit makers, not just the mainstream "quality" suppliers. However I
disagree to some extent with "sanding and filling" as an automatic choice
vide scratchbuilding.

I may be showing my age, but I'd say that there are plenty of places where
scratchbuilding would be quicker and more accurate. For example, I have
built a set of 1:48 DH-2 wings from scratch in 2 nights work, give or take a
few minutes of final cleanup. It took me a frustrating week of trying to get
not nearly as good a result from the SMER kit.

Again, I might be showing a failing in the file and fill technique ! However
my comment stands. It is absolutely not for everyone, but scratchbuilding is
a lot easier than I expected and *very* satisfying. Try it sometime.

A word of advice though. Sneak up on it. Build some vacforms first, then do
a conversion (or improve a bad kit) with just the fuselage of an aircraft
with a box fuselage. I found that wings are next easiest, though the first
few attempts should be on aircraft with straight (non swept, no dihedral)
wings. Fuselages with compound curves and/or complex polyhedral cross
sections are most difficult and best done by carving and vac or punch

Get your details from Aeroclub, Toms etc. No point making it REALLY hard.

Projects like 1:32 Staaken are best left to the very, very experienced.
(Incidentally after five or six years of trying I consider myself
experienced - but not skilled enough. Rats!)

I reiterate that I agree with Stephen about how badly we need all of the
manufacturers, and all their kits. I'd still rather put in the effort
needed to build a Glencoe Albatros D.og than try to scratch build one !

Shane Weier