Re: Does one scale suit all?

Paul Butler (
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All I can say to your bit about 400-piece cockpits and 600 piecs engines
in 1/72 scale is
\ / / \ \ /
\ /\ / | | \ /\ /
\/ \/ \_____/ \/ \/

How does he do it?

Any way "static" is not a rebuke, just a convenient adjective to describe
a type of modelling activity. I have casually observed the
plastics arena since about 1963 and it would not suprise me that much of the
excellent material that is now available, eg Albatros datafiles, would not
be available in the quantities it is if it wasn't for the market you fellows
provide. I personally collect virtually all Datafiles and Windsock magazines
even though my primary interest is in making my models fly. I have been
collecting suitable information since 1959 (my oldest quality 3-view is of
the Hawker Fury from a 1959 Aeromodeller) and it is only now that I can
afford the models. My wife tells me I will need a factory to house them all
before I die.


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Erik Pilowski:

> "Static"??? Hmmmmm.... (sounds a rebuke, fellows... ;^)
> Well, no, certainly one scale cannot be said to be better than another,
>simply a matter of preference. This sort of banter is just fun, after all.
>Can't remember who started it, though. But after seeing Steve's work I
>think we can say that, indeed, 1/72 is the Master Scale...!

Or look at the WWII-era work by Derek Brown (from here in Denver). 600-piece
radial engines, 400-piece cockpits... It renewed my faith in 1/72 scale!


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