The Italian WWI SIG
Tue, 30 May 1995 19:50:19 -0400

Greetings All-

I recently answered an advert in WWI Aero for the WWI SIG out of the Italian
branch of the IPMS. I did this mainly because the guiding light behind this
is Alberto Casirati whose talents in doing WWI 1:72 models with unbelievable
interiors have often graced Windsock. I noticed in the ad or one of the ads
that I saw a series of "Modelling Files"- an apparently detailled bit on the
modelling of a particular aircraft. I duly sent off a $15.00 check [cheque]
which is bad form as the banks screw liberally with anyone daring to send
personal checks.Next time I'll send cash registered-its much cheaper than
money orders. In any event, the WWI SIG sent me a copy of Contratto- their
quarterly and a copy of their modeling file on the Fokker EV.Everything is in
English as this seems to be the lingua franca of the international aviation
modelling fraternity.
The articles in Contratto are laid out as follows:
a.A sopwith Camel cutaway
b."Reworking the Oldies" an article by Bruce Simard on doing up the Revell
1:72 Camel complete with interior drawings by Marco Barozzi and a drawing of
Linke Crawford's Phoenix DI
c."From the workbench" tips on replicating wood,using Acrylic Floorwax to
undercoat decals, a new [to me] method of wing ribbing from the interior and
a note on reproducing instruments.
d.An article by Alan Crow [UK] on the markings for the SE5a of 56 Sq

e.Palette- the first installment in a series of WWI colors with Methuen/FS
#'s and Humbrol references.
f.A review of a new Phoenix CI resin put out by one of the SIG members [1:72]
g. Noters on recent Albatros pubs.

The modelling file on teh Fokker EV contains copies of photos of EV
interiors. It seems that the only extant copy of this bird is undergoing
rstoration at the Caproni museum in Italy.Along with the notes on modelling
the aircraft are drawings by Martin Digmayer the gentlemen from the Czech
Republic who manufactures those real wood laminated props to scale.There is a
list of all models known of the EV and an extended list of companies selling
accessories for kits- [wheeks, guns decals etc]
All in all , these SIG materials are more than satisfying- relatively
inexpensive and promising to expand.
To subscribe send [preferably cash] Lire 8k, L3 or US$ 15.- [donations above
this are encouraged as this is a decidedly non= profit op]
to: Alberto Casirati, WWI SIG Coordinator, via Verdi 12, 24052 Azzano S.
Paolo BG- Italy. Thanks for listening. Gerry McOsker, Newport, R.I.