Re: Eduard Hannover CL.IIIa
25 May 95 07:34:00 EDT

GDay Stephen,

Nice to hear from you again so soon. The mail on this group tends to go in
spurts and a few more frequent posters would be nice (hint, hint)

You said:
I live in Seattle, Washington, USA and haven't seen a 1/48
Hannover by Eduard around here yet. Plus, I was a little
surprised that you said that the kit was US$35 (ish) or $49

Yup, the Cl.IIIa is a new release and mine was the first in captivity in
Brisbane. Forgive me for my little jig and click of heels - we are used to
being last on the block down under.

I was surprised at the price as well. To be truthfull I saw them and grabbed
2 without looking at the price then suffered the embarrasment of putting 1

Price is nearly double that which I paid for the other Eduard kits some
time back. It has a bigger brass fret, more decals, and a more sophisticated
engine moulding but I'm not convinced it has twice as much content. OTOH I
*love* the Halberstadt and don't mind too much.

You said:
Most of the 1/48 Eduard WWI kits here go for around US$25
or a little less. I wonder what the DML kits are going for
down under? I bought a Spad XIII for about US$25....

Prices for Eduard kits in Australia have risen due to fluctuations in the
exchange rate (why always up though?) - the early kits were A$25, and are
now A$29.50 For your edification, and that of the group

Eduard Halberstadt Cl.IIIa A$49.50 US$35.65
Eduard Siemens Schukart D.III A$29.50 US$21.25
DML SPAD XIII A$45.00 US$32.40

All the Eduard kits except the Cl.IIIa are $29.50. All the DML kits are $45
with the caveat that sometimes you'll find one at the old price or on
special for $40 or slightly less. I was thrilled to see we pay less for the
Eduard kits than you (sorry but our prices are often f****** terrible)

You said:
I have a had some very good luck with club meetings; some
people sell their unbuilt kits there. I picked up an Eduard
Hansa Brandenburg ('berg?) at an IPMS meeting for $17. Two
months ago at a meeting, I picked up a DML Fokker Triplane
for $16.

A great source. One of 2 clubs I belong to conduct 4 auctions a year where
prices range from ridiculously low to scandalously high. I often buy things
at the next meeting from those who got caught up in the chase and overspent

You said:
Now I just have to make some time in my day to actually work
on these projects. Right now they just sit and wait.

Welcome to the world old mate. Bet if we held a poll of the group members
the response from the "where the hell can I get the time" group would be

See you on the net