Re: Air Show - Owl's Head

Jon Rettinger (
Thu, 25 May 1995 00:26:58 -0300

>I saw the first flight of the Depperdussin in this country a few summers ago.
>It was built in France and had about 50 hours TT before arriving at Owl's
>Thomas J. Watson Jr. of IBM fame had wanted to just hop it a few feet and
set it
>back down. After several high speed runs he came to the conclusion that the
>runway was not long enough to keep him happy. He asked for his leather helmet
>and proceeded to take off and make 2 circuts before setting it down again.



Thanks for the tidbits on the Owl's Head's replicas. It must have
great to see that Depperdussin flight! It really makes me wish I was
there. I've made the Owl's Head "pilgrimage" for the past four years, and I
never get tired of seeing those old birds fly!

>I grew up in Camden, just north of the museum and have spent many hours
here. It
>is a great place to see some unique stuff up close and in operation.
How lucky can you get!!! You not only got the last Proctor Jenny and Albatross
models, but you lived that close to Owl's Head, as well! 80)

Camden is a beautiful little town, I've spent many hours there shopping.