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Thayer Syme (
25 May 1995 07:16:27 -0800

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A fantastic lunch can be had at the Brown Bag in Rockland. It is on the Main
Street just north of the Ferry Terminal on the left side of the street. Don't
go past the Dunkin' Donuts intersection. That is where you want to be. I recommend
the Brown Bag Ham Sandwich. Grilled ham & cheese with artichoke hearts, a great
sauce and capers. I stop in everytime I get home...

Also look for Buttermilk Lane just south of the museum entrance on the other
side of Rt.73. Before the train crossing at the other end (@ 2 miles) is one of
the local r/c fields. No sign, just a couple of grass runways in a large field
on the south side of the road as you crest a hill behind the cement plant.


Date: 5/25/95 6:02 AM
To: Thayer Syme
From: Allan Wright
> As Thayer pointed out in his response, get there as soon as it opens
> (10:00am EDT); that's usually the time they fly the oldies. I'll be going
> down either on July 1 or 2, depending upon the weather. Maybe I'll see you
> there!

Being a NH resident this show is apealing to me also - I may be going too!
We should all plan to get together and say 'Hi'. Maybe go out for a
Beer/Coffee afterwards.