RE: Eduard Hannover Cl.III ; Pegasus kit
26 May 95 08:18:00 EDT

GDay all,

Steve Hustad said:
Thanks for the great 'in box' review of the new Eduard Hannover Cl.III
1/48 scale kit! Well written and quite informative.

I am envious! You quarter scale guys get nearly ALL of the new good
stuff!!! :^(

My pleasure Steve. I now await the Albatros C.III with ill concealed

As one who still dabbles in 1:72 despite a personal decision to change to
something I can see, I understand your envy. However I remember the great
days I had building vacforms from Libramodel and many others in 1:72 when
very few new 1:48 kits saw the light of day.

On the subject of 1:72, has anyone built the Pegasus Pfalz D.III ? At
A$35 it probably costs more than the new Eduard one will in 1:48 (here at
least). It looks good ITB, but $$$.

Also anyone have the new Pegasus LVG. I like the aircraft enough to break my
no new 1:72 kits prohibition (again). No-one has it in Brisbane, and I won't
buy by mail without some advice from the experts !