Pegasus kit LVG C-VI

C.P. Hart (
Thu, 25 May 1995 19:49:11 +0000

Hello all,

Shane wrote :

Also anyone have the new Pegasus LVG. I like the aircraft enough to break my
no new 1:72 kits prohibition (again). No-one has it in Brisbane, and I won't
buy by mail without some advice from the experts !

I recently purchased the LVG and Albatros D-V kits
directly from Pegasus via mail
order and paying with my credit card. Service was only a
little longer that ordering in the
States, and overall they were cheaper than buying domestic.
Pegasus does not charge
postage and sends kits and decals via small parcel air mail.
I would have spent over
US$17.00 more buying them in the U.S. This is my second
direct order, the service was

Charles Hart