Re: Air Show - Owl's Head

Jon Rettinger (
Thu, 25 May 1995 23:58:51 -0300

>Being a NH resident this show is apealing to me also - I may be going too!
>We should all plan to get together and say 'Hi'. Maybe go out for a
>Beer/Coffee afterwards.

Hey, this sounds like a grrrreat idea! I would love to meet some of
you guys! This doesn't mean I don't want to meet all of you. 80)

I usually bring my wife with me for the trip. She really doesn't care
for airshows (to say the least). So I usually end up making the rounds myself
while she works away at her needle work inside the museum. What I'm really
alluding to is it would be fun to have someone around to share the oohs and

For the military show, they are bringing in a Harrier and B-17, among others.
As part of the air show, they usually have a P-51, Texan and WACO (can't
the model number) flying and an aerobatic/stunt act as well. IF YOU'RE LUCKY,
you can get a ride in the WACO for a buck!

To Joe:

I forgot to mention that it's about a 3-1/2 to 4 hour trip from Boston. I've
got about the same distance to travel from the opposite direction.

To Jess:

The museum has several WWI replicas in flying condition, and invariably
fly some of them each weekend throughout the summer. A list of flyable craft:

FB-8 Gun Bus
Curtiss Jenny
Depperdussin (Haven't seen this one fly yet.)
Neiuport 18 (I think)
Etrich Taube (Design by Rumpler)

The museum also contains some static replicas inside such as the Ford
Curtiss Pusher and a Sopwith Pup.

To Stephen:

My camera went on the fritz last year. I was attending the national
air show at Geneseo, N.Y. Wouldn't you know it?? Halfway through the show,
the camera gave up the ghost and refused to cooperate. Have you ever seen
a grown man cry???? 80( . I havn't yet replaced the camera -- waiting for
a good deal. So maybe someone else is willing to trade photos.