RE: WWI aircraft
Wed, 24 May 95 08:16:11 PST

*Sigh*! I wish this were true but I suspect this was merely a
typographical error and you meant to type 'DH-2'? If not,
however, where can I get a SMER DH-4?? Please!

Whhhhhoooops! You're right; I meant to type DH-2 and missed.
I guess that is proof that I ought to read my own messages
before I post them, huh? The DH-2 looks okay, but if someone
who knows the aircraft examined it, I think that it would
show a few rigging errors. I discovered two after a show.
But nobody pointed it out to me.....

Not to despair however, mein kommeraden, according to John Burns
Kit Collectors Clearinghouse, Glencoe Models is scheduled to
release, sometime this year, five (count 'em, *five*!) reissues
of the old Aurora WW1 1/48 kits including the Pfalz, the Jenny,
the Nieuport 28, the SPAD XIII, and (ta-dah!) the DH-4!

I am not real impressed with the Glencoe models. The Smer
kits are a little better in the molded-in detail, I think,
than most of the Glencoes. On the other hand, you have to
sand off a the places where the decals go on the Smer kits.
I picked up a Supermarine Walrus (Smer) and my heart sank as
I looked at all the sanding I have to do before even
starting any assembly!! I mean WHY??

Thanks so much for the response. --Stephen Tontoni

Considering Glencoe's past history on timely releases, don't
necessarily count on 'em this year but, just maybe, sometime
before the millenium!


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