RE: WWI aircraft

Bill Shatzer (
Wed, 24 May 1995 02:35:45 -0400

*Sigh*! I wish this were true but I suspect this was merely a
typographical error and you meant to type 'DH-2'? If not,
however, where can I get a SMER DH-4?? Please!

Not to despair however, mein kommeraden, according to John Burns
Kit Collectors Clearinghouse, Glencoe Models is scheduled to
release, sometime this year, five (count 'em, *five*!) reissues
of the old Aurora WW1 1/48 kits including the Pfalz, the Jenny,
the Nieuport 28, the SPAD XIII, and (ta-dah!) the DH-4!

Considering Glencoe's past history on timely releases, don't
necessarily count on 'em this year but, just maybe, sometime
before the millenium!


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