RE: WWI aircraft
24 May 95 15:21:00 EDT

GDay Stephen,

Nice to see someone newer to the group than I.

You mentioned:

<< I have built only one WWI aircraft recently. I built a Smer
1/48 DH4 which turned out to be a major rigging problem.
Eventually, I think that it looks all right, but I wish that
there were more resources that would eliminate some of the
guess work.

I believe I have seen a book from the Smithsonian called something along the
line of

"Flaming coffin to flying legend - the DH-4"

but I may be way off line. Comments anyone? If I'm right it had sketches,
cockpit photos, lots of general pics and a nice history including post war
civilian use. If I'm wrong I must be talking sh** again :-0

In any case, if you ever have such a need again ask here. The very first
post I made asked for info sources for the Bristol Fighter and got a _lot_
of responses.

Thanks and I look forward to being on this list (I just
joined it today!!)
Again, welcome, glad to hear you.

Shane Weier