RE: Nieuport Colors

C.P. Hart (
Tue, 23 May 1995 22:54:43 +0000

Charles Hart

>What answer did you get (if any). I've been using a mix of equal parts of
>Humbrol 11 and Humbrol 64 (silver and medium sea grey) However, the colour
>picture of a Belgian Nieuport 24 (?) on the cover of a Windsock a few years
>back made me think I need a bit more silver. As I mentioned in an earlier
>mail I'd like to move to acrylics, if only cos its easier to clean up.
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>From: AEW@MIMHOLD (Allan Wright){}
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>Subject: Nieuport Colors
>Date: Wednesday, 26 April 1995 10:42PM
>On the subject of colors, has anyone had any luck mixing up a color to
>represent the silver dope used on many nieuports? I can do Oils, or
> -Al
>P.S. I find that Poly-S Dull Earth Brown makes a good Brown end of the
>spectrum PC-10.