Eduard Hannover CL.IIIa
24 May 95 08:13:00 EDT

GDay Folks,

Big Excitement.

I should declare an interest before going on. My all time favourite kit, any
scale, any subject, any manufacturer is the Airfix 1:72 Hannover. But I've
changed to building (mostly) 1:48

Late yesterday I picked up the new (here anyway) 1:48 Eduard Hannover

I haven't had time to put it over any plans so I can only say that the bits
look like the bits for making a Hannover. The box contains 2 sprues of
plastic (fuselage, flying surfaces, wheels, struts, gun body, prop), a big
5" by 3-3/4" etched brass fret, 3 sheets of decal , metal engine and
exhaust, some fine stainless steel tubing, and 3 pins.

I can almost hear the know alls at my club saying how magnificent the brass
is and how poor the plastic. I have to say I believe almost the opposite.

The plastic is of similar quality to their earlier kits and look pretty
basic with a fair amount of flash. However they should clean up nicely, and
the detail is mainly on the brass fret.

That item has me in two minds. I will never be able to look at an intake
manifold made of flat brass and believe it looks good. There are quite a few
other items which will need replacing with something more 3 dimensional.
Otherwise the brass is pretty good as you would expect from Eduard. Some
parts are just sensational.

The three decal sheets consist of one sheet of 4 colour lozenge upper, one
of 4 colour lower and a smaller sheet with two markings options. The lozenge
is ready laid out in the shape of the wings, tail surfaces and ailerons and
with diagonal alignment to the wings and includes ample amounts of pink and
blue rib tape. Mine was ever so slighly out of register leaving a number of
irritating fine outlines. The colour is (perhaps) a little vivid, but
acceptable. If you believe it should be another shade or fitted span wise or
chord wise you will need some sheets from Americal.

The sheet of individual markings and crosses (on my sample anyway) is in
perfect register and looks just great. One scheme has a devils head on a
playing card shaped white background, the other a white arrow.

The engine is a clean white metal casting with white metal exhausts, brass
intake manifolds and valve gear. It should make up well with a little extra

Instructions consist of an A4 sheet printed in full colour on one side with
both schemes shown, and a potted history on the flip. Plus, a foldout sheet
with 5 pages of exploded diagrams and a parts layout. Drawings are clear
enough but the folding instructions for the brass might confuse a beginner.

My impression is possibly somewhat biased, but I think this is a terrific
kit. After years of struggling with the same much loved little group of kits
its great to see Eduard and DML enter the fray with entirely different
approaches - both worthy in a different way.

I paid A$49.50 (US$35.60) which is just short of double the price I paid
for the single seaters 8 to 12 months back (They have gone up A$4 this time
too) It is also about the same price as a DML kit here. I must say this
suprised me a little, as I'd assumed it would be about $10 less. Still worth
it in my opinion. What it costs in the US and elsewhere I haven't got a

Now I can barely wait for the Pfalz D-III and Albatros C.II

Shane Weier