WWI aircraft

Fri, 19 May 95 15:10:01 PST

I have built only one WWI aircraft recently. I built a Smer
1/48 DH4 which turned out to be a major rigging problem.
Eventually, I think that it looks all right, but I wish that
there were more resources that would eliminate some of the
guess work.

On my TO-DO list, I have several WWI kits: 2 DML kits and 2
Eduard kits. All are 1/48 scale. I have a Spad XIII (DML)
a Fokker triplane (DML), a Fokker Eindecker (Eduard), and a
Morane Saulnier type N (Eduard).

If anyone has any tips for working on these kits (they are
quite complex) and/or resources that I could use, I would
certainly appreciate it.

Thanks and I look forward to being on this list (I just
joined it today!!)

Stephen Tontoni