Re: Old Aurora kits
Thu, 18 May 95 14:20:00 -0400

Yes, most of those old Aurora kits are real dogs. A few,
however, are in my opinion very nice especially the Bregeut
14. The general outline seems very close and there are only
a few errors with panel lines and the windows which should
be easily correctable.

The Nieuport doesn't look that bad either.

I am in the middle of building the Halberstadt. Based on
drawings in the Datafile I have reshaped the fuselage and
wings and built a new rudder and tailplanes from sheet
styrene. I added new rib detail to the flying surfaces
with .10x.20 styrene strips. And I made new struts from
piano wire, paper, and superglue. I replaced the kit
engine with a metal Aeroclub one. This kit IS inaccurate!

But my point is, depending on what kit you start with and
how much pain you are willing to endure, these kits can
make nice models.


Has anyone seen the new(reissued) Glencoe/Osprey book on
the Spad? It is not bad - I believe this is a reissue of a
book done way back. Lots of photos, color profiles, and
decals for about 13 different French Spad XIIIs - to
accompany Glencoe's new Spad XIII. Now, has anyone seen
_that_ puppy?