Re: your obviuos passion

Allan Wright (
Wed, 17 May 1995 14:55:42 -0400 (EDT)

I don not know the answer to your question personally, but I'm sure the
people on the WWI Modeling mailing list can answer it. I'm forwarding this
message to the list in hopes of getting you an answer.

Allan Wright

WWI list: Please reply to both the list and Jeff as I don not think he's
on the list. writes:
> My name is Jeff Greenberg, I am a geology prof at Wheaton College in IL,
> and I was delighted to see your web page in my motoring through the internet
> index.
> About thirty years ago, when I was just hitting puberty (no real
> connection, I hope) much of my time was spent making models. I enjoyed doing
> the custom hotrod kits from AMC, but mostly I did every WW1 airplane that I
> could get my hands on. In those days Monogram had a nice wide array of kits.
> I think most all of them were 1/48th. Anyway, last year I visited a small
> shop selling mostly antiques where they had a newer-looking Monogram Sopwith
> Camel 1/48 kit.
> I wonder if Monogram still makes WW1 planes and how one finds out what's
> available. I hesitate getting too much involved in the game, but it would be
> great to relive some of the fun from my past. By the way, to the best of my
> recollection, the Mongram kits included a Spad, Camel, Sopwith Triplane
> ("Black Moriah"), two or three different Neuports, a Bristol, SE5, three
> Fokkers (D7, Tri, Mono), a Pfalz, Albatross, and a Gotha bomber. There were
> certainly more than these, but that's all I came into contact with.
> You are to be commended for the effort to support the production of more
> models. I will keep an eye on your updates.
> Jeff G.