Re: 2" SCALE Plan Addition

Guy Fawcett (
Fri, 19 May 1995 07:44:01 -0600 (MDT)

> What is the address for the purchase of such plans.



>In the latest issue of Radio Control Scale Aircraft (British Mag >Apr/May 95)
are plans for the following: Albatros CIII

Plans for this aircraft and all other Argus Publication plans can be ordered

Plans Service
Nexus Special Interests
Nexus House, Boundry Way
Hemel, Hempstead, Herts, United Kingdom


The American Source for Argus, Traplet and Holman plans is:

Bob Holman Plans Service
P.O. Box 741
San Bernadino, California
Phone : (909) 885-3959
Fax : (909) 885-9307

The Albatros CIII plan number is RSQ 1782 British price is 13.90 pounds + 2.50
pounds shipping. Not sure of Bob's price.

Be aware if planning to build the aircraft as an electric some modifications
will be required.

Tally Ho