Rhinebeck tips?

Sat, 13 May 95 05:12:42 EST

As for trips to Rhinebeck;

The shows start at 2pm on Saturdays and Sundays. On Saturdays they fly
the full range of planes that they have, the pre war planes, Curtiss pusher, an
orginal Bleriot, and the like. The WWI planes, as well as the post war (20,s and
thirties), such as a Pictrin mail plane,and a Stumpe. The Sunday show is almost
all a WWI comedy story with the WWI planes flying throughout. Both days there
are biplane rides all day.

Most of the museums are quasiot (spelling?) hut type that have decient
lighting but are very cramped, and a new hall that has excellent lighting. Get
there early look around the airfield before the show. Bring a lunch and have a
seat well before the show (There is food for sale there). The best seating is
right in front of the "village". There you will be no more than 35 feet from the
runway. After the show (4:00pm) go into town the the Beekman Arms Inn and have a
dinner in the countries oldest Inn.

I think that is it, too bad you will not be there in September 9-10 for the
Radio Control Contest for WWI and between war aircraft.

Mike Vitetta

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Guess I'll do my part to help liven things up.

I'll be living in NY from June through mid-August and want to make a
weekend trip to Rhinebeck. Other than the special weekends, can anyone
offer advice on what time to go. Is there a time of the summer when more
types are likely to be flying? Is their static museum decent for
photography or is it pitch dark? Any advice on having the most enjoyable
trip greatly appreciated.

August Horvath horvath@hulaw1.harvard.edu
Harvard Law School